2W, 1M

In an isolated town blighted by the Dust Bowl, a writer rents a room in a farmhouse run by the charismatic Ruth and her silent assistant, Lydia. Inexplicably drawn to the women and the house, he nonetheless suspects his hosts are not being honest with him. Why do they keep sneaking into his room at night? And how is it possible he wrote a story about the women years before he met them?


1W, 4M

In Washington, D.C., Helen (sometimes known as Margaret, sometimes known as Sarah) provides a unique service for wealthy men. Her clients seek to own the body parts of deceased politicians: A grandfatherly man purchases a bone from the foot of Chief Justice William Rehnquist; an ambitious intern acquires the hand of House Speaker Tip O’Neill. Though her customers’ expectations are high, there’s little that Helen can’t deliver. But when her business partner, Paul, introduces a client who requests the missing Kennedy brain, Helen’s livelihood is put in jeopardy. A darkly comic fable conceived for our current political climate, ELECTED REMAINS examines the relics of a dying America. 



Victorian twins Prem and Deuxy spend another May Day awaiting the return of their long-lost father.